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All in one : Channel Manager – PMS- Booking Engine- MarketPlace
The one stop shop solution ,The one stop shop solution, PMS: Simple Property Management System with planner, cleaning scheduling, Check-In and Out, Booking Engine: Natively integrated.
Moussa S.

Go Magarental! Thank you we finally have the right solution and the right partner to success
Pros: Easy and integrated. A Property Management Software that covers also the Channel Manager tools features. Flexible and easy to connect. Mobile/pad friendly Integrated a very nice website customized with payment platform Improved continuously Customer service that knows not only the software but the business providing insighs beyond their traditional role. Allow a remote control of operations on the field very efficient Integrated with analytics tools! Power BI. Great price for value.
Cons: We there are many minor things that can be improved as with any software but I see day after day new improvements so I am fine with everything. Overall: I have tried and observed over the last 10 years many Property Management Sofware. The optimun does not exist even because we are in a field in continuous evolution and most of Property Manager does not work according to a unique standard practice/flow….
William Hay
Worldwide Head of Internal Control,
Luxury Goods & Jewelry, 1001-5000 employees

Magarental the King of Vacation Rental Softwares
Pros: Magarental is the most complete vacation rental software there is on the market now, which gives you the possibility to integrate with pretty much all major channels, including Expedia.
Cons: Like in everything, there is always room for improvement but at this stage I cannot fault anything, as the software does pretty much all we need. Overall: One of the most relieable, if not the most, vacation rental software I came accross im my career. It is has been incredibly hard to find a stable, reliable solution able to satisfy our needs of Vacation Rental Managers. Also the price is very reasonable.
Marco Cocurullo
General Manager, Gocce di Capri


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